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Definition of pop up:

Synonyms for pop up:

button bar, offline, pop, baulk, encyclopaedic, bolt down, pop fly, blender, blank, checkbox, bookmark, erupt, catch, balk, bookends, descend on, foul, bulge, broiler, box, bat, above-the-fold, barbecue, online, encyclopedic, avatar, barbie, button, cyber-, bar, coffee maker, bound, come and go, loose-leaf, click-and-mortar, navigable, hardbound, bug out, belt down, crop up, pour down, spring, colander, burner, start, pop-up book, ground out, below-the-fold, emerge, cell, coffee machine, come out, fly, downloadable, hit, pop out, always-on, active window, double, kill, bookrest, spring up, multiuser, bulge out, down, cooker, break through, fiction, bunt, beater, drink down, shoot up, protrude, blip, toss off.