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Definition of popular:

  1. Pert. to the common people or to the public; suitable or pleasing to the public in general; plain; easily comprehended.


popularized, pop, noted, widespread, republican, general, vogue, frequent, red-hot, low-end, utopian, leading, normal, politics, self-governing, vox pop, affordable, private, stock, attractive, familiar, accepted, bourgeois, touristy, habitual, like, el cheapo, dirt cheap, prevailing, accessible, cut-price, accepted, Favourite, orthodox, popular with, top-rated, lay, fashionable, standard, cheapo, customary, mass, populist, knowledge, faddish, prevailing, nonclassical, inexpensive, acceptable, favourite, rife, usual, modish, bargain-basement, praised, general, hot, common, faddy, central, modest, preferred, chintzy, going, commonplace, approved, received, touristed, much loved/respected/admired/criticized etc., traditional, preferred, vulgar, deterministic, recommended, cheapie, current, unanimous, favorite, nonconformist, successful, moderate, viral, stylish, voguish, theoretical, budget, well-received, commercial, self-ruling, specific, cut-rate, big, money, received, crowd-pleasing, popularly, current, universal, ruling, happening, ordinary, accredited, commonly, unknown, in, low, reasonable, plain, conceptual, everyday, majority, abstract, prevalent, simplified, well-liked, prevalent, dime-store, best-selling, favored, beloved, large, overall, common, demotic, du jour, democratic, conventional, metaphysical, trendy, modern.

Usage examples: