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Definition of porcine:

  1. Pert. to swine or pigs.


pure, oafish, consummate, swinish, equine, unadulterated, glaring, piggy, perfect, duck, overweight, hoggish, egregious, aquiline, arrant, loutish, gluttonous, complete, sodding, bovine, flagrant, piggish, fatty, thoroughgoing, crying, fleshy, feline, rapacious, fat, neandertal, stark, rank, portly, overblown, boorish, corpulent, canine, obese, vulgar, utter, weighty, crude, greedy, megascopic, neanderthal, double-dyed, earthy, stout, leonine, horsey, gross, everlasting, birdlike, staring.

Usage examples: