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Definition of pore:

  1. One of the very minute openings or interstices in the skin through which the perspiration or sweat passes to the surface; any minute opening or cell on the surface of an organised body.
  2. To look on steadily and minutely; to look close and long.


kick around, entertain, boil down, centralise, consider, chew over, flesh, beauty spot, aerial root, focalise, digest, cogitate, bulb, centralize, cuticle, focus, epidermis, concentrate, revolve, dermis, blade, perpend, peruse, turn, mull, revolve around, birthmark, bur, reduce, deliberate, condense, centre, concenter, think, boll, wrestle, concentre, question, study, ruminate, fold, decoct, rivet, center on, beanstalk, contemplate, anther, bract, eye, focus on, weigh, sharpen, bud, stomate, follicle, contract, center, debate, freckle, beauty mark, stoma, focalize, meditate, concentrate on, revolve about.

Usage examples: