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Definition of port:

  1. A dark purple wine from Portugal.
  2. A gate; an entrance; a harbour; a safe station for ships; the left side of a ship.
  3. The larboard or left side of a ship, as, " the ship heels to port"- that is, inclines to the left or larboard side; the manner in which a person bears himself; carriage; demeanour; air.
  4. To carry a rifle or firearm in a slanting direction upwards across the body in front, as in the military command, " to port arms"; among seamen, to turn or put to the left side of a ship, as, " port the helm"- that is, " put the helm over to the larboard side of the ship.".


port wine, harborage, the big smoke, embrasure, bow, Chardonnay, dry dock, dockyard, anchorage, amidships, bubbly, bearing, bus, look, accelerated graphics port, A drive, mien, sort, interface, bilge, haven, base hardware, AGP, bridgeware, county town, berth, city-state, ADC, demeanor, fashion, air, presence, behavior, manner, user interface, blade, jetty, conurbation, harbor, beam, expression, boom, dock, accelerator card, to the left, county seat, brandy, left, dormitory town, burg, bay, cognac, landing, larboard, carriage, boom town, style, auxiliary device, way, basin, bowsprit, address, aft, porthole, back end, be, appearance, capital, city, harbour, toward the left.

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