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Definition of porter:

  1. A door or gate keeper; a waiter in a hall.
  2. One who carries burdens for hire; one who does the heavy work of a ship; a dark- coloured malt liquor, at first made for and drunk by porters.


brew, engineer, attendant, commissionaire, keg, door guard, William Sydney Porter, home brew, ostiary, lineman, desk clerk, doorkeeper, katherine anne porter, o. henry, guard, hop, transporter, porter's beer, Guinness, janitor, bellhop, railroad, hall porter, stretcher-bearer, bellboy, brown ale, conductor, clerk, housekeeper, redcap, ostiarius, doorman, concierge, caregiver, inspector, chambermaid, hotelier, guest beer, linesman, Pullman Porter, gatekeeper, cole albert porter, caretaker, watchman, care assistant, physiotherapist, orderly, stationmaster, Cole Porter, bitter, signalman, usher.

Usage examples: