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Definition of portion:

  1. A part; a share; lot; final state; fate; a wife's dower or fortune.
  2. To divide; to allot a share or shares.


mint, parcel of land, fate, plowshare, great deal, attribute, mess, component part, per centum, dole out, peck, fortune, deal out, share, destiny, role, hatful, good deal, dowery, part, dowry, luck, parting, bundle, circumstance, crudites, band, caboodle, function, detail, pot, take, piece of ground, designate, batch, region, lot, passel, accord, heap, component, service of process, office, persona, service, contribution, packet, end, part, depute, unit, predestination, substructure, antipasto, package, wad, serving, slew, claim, grammatical constituent, mass, atom, chance, percentage, hazard, share, quite a little, bunch, appetiser, kismet, parcel, entree, proportion, set apart, ingestion, allot, collect, voice, draw, dessert, ascribe, theatrical role, aperitif, cheeseboard, title, tract, helping, instalment, mete out, put, circumstances, character, particle, moiety, dole, doom, dower, administer, lot, piece of land, circle, raft, mickle, assign, course, appetizer, parcel, delegate, stack, parcel out, pile, spate, accompaniment, percent, mountain, arrogate, pct, muckle, impute, shell out, plenty, certain, divvy, sight, specify, way, flock, dish out, tidy sum, grant, ploughshare.

Usage examples: