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Definition of positively:

  1. Absolutely; really; in its own nature; directly; expressly; in strong terms.


obstinately, verily, limited, truthfully, doubtless, unfalteringly, actual, strangely enough, emphatically, promising, for, feasible, the fact remains that, approving, rosy, unquestioning, strong, definite, stubbornly, genuinely, positive, convinced, complimentarily, I can tell you, decidedly, sympathetic, partial, real, satisfied, true, confident, bright, appreciatively, certain, likely, pro, affirmative, healthy, flat, up-and-coming, flat out, flatly, supportive, approvingly, it just so happens that, boldly, believe it or not, sure, confidently, sure-fire, indeed, fairly, on the contrary, budding, favorably, side.

Usage examples: