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Definition of possession:

  1. State of owning or having in one's own power; that which is possessed; occupancy; property; state of being under the power of invisible beings; madness.


hands, possessor, personalty, abuse, self-discipline, plunder, colony, pigheadedness, suppress, effect, ownership, stubbornness, proprietorship, seize, movable, proprietor, enjoyment, self-denial, exorcism, habitation, community property, holdings, cursed, delivery, corner, province, storm, will power, mastery, crack den, good, control, exorcise, willpower, things, belonging, bust, self-possession, law, valuables, proprietorial, self-will, personal property, owned, keeping, lares and penates, appurtenance, crackhouse, monomania, addiction, annex, occupation, dependency, duds, bullheadedness, besiege, cold turkey, accursed, self-control, self-command, something has someone's name on it, bearer, owner, settlement, dribble, obstinance, dominion, residency, personal effects, hold, conquer, cross, clean, subjugate, chattels, occupy, demon, blast, thing, subdue, backhand, paraphernalia, invade, movables, stuff, demonic, ball, obstinacy, politics, personal, gear, possessed, dependence, asset, catch, chip, fixed asset, holder, comedown, dive.

Usage examples: