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Definition of possibility:

  1. The state of being possible; the power of being or existing; that which is possible; a contingency.


event, hap, case, porta, possible action, adventure, opening move, option, access, the initiative, casualty, guess, decision-making, prospect, odds, hazard, future, occurrence, hypothesis, occasion, hope, calamity, conjecture, capability, supposition, have your pick of something, likely, possibilities, speculation, curtain raising, surmisal, contingence, gap, break, conclusion, opening night, disaster, opportunity, resolution, happening, mishap, opening, decision, contingency, threat, instance, misfortune, eventuality, window of opportunity, chess opening, misadventure, potentiality, fortuity, initiative, surmise, scope, choice, incident, selection, contingent, accident, possibleness, scuttle, possible, promise, sporting chance, circumstance, orifice, hatchway, theory, first step, alternative.

Usage examples: