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Definition of possible:

  1. That may happen; that can be done; barely able to come to pass; practicable; not contrary to the nature of things.


viable, getable, specious, completely, decision-making, compatible, surmountable, ideal, potential, absolute, choice, in principle, especially, altogether, alternative, eventual, perfectly, creditable, perfect, realizable, complete, attainable, thinkable, gettable, have your pick of something, latent, convenient, researchable, contingent, mathematical, suitable, decision, be able to do something, resolution, conceivable, fermentable, possibility, contingent, accessible, assertable, accomplishable, earthly, suited, permissible, affirmable, implicit, pure, come-at-able, humanly possible, workable, proper, incidental, particular, doable, reasonable, Conceivable, attemptable, imaginable, literally, practicable, conclusion, mortal, feasible, feasible, liable, well-chosen, selection, option, entire, fitting, plausible, may, achievable, practicable, allegeable.

Usage examples: