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Definition of post:

  1. A pole or pillar, carved and painted with a series of totemic symbols, set up before the house of certain Indian tribes of the northwest coast of North America, esp. Indians of the Koluschan stock.


remember, role, business office, gestate, have a bun in the oven, slip, send off, seat, behave, direct, tolerate, come out, profession, air, raise, channel, government agency, stain, brook, built in bed, office staff, chain armour, conduct, positioning, suffer, game, convey, stake, blank space, denounce, station, offer, digest, agency, gage, sway, chain mail, fleck, authority, extend, job, billet, persuade, provide, touch, insert, hold, institutionalize, bet, maculation, stigmatize, blot, localise, score, abide, dapple, adventure, run, position, view, home, military position, patch, house, point, carry, do, record, spot, impart, beam, stud, brandmark, mast, place, jeopardize, bear, punt, target, interest, acquit, military post, piazza, bureau, prop, express, impale, smudge, pose, order, charge, side, spotlight, office, posture, take, range, berth, speckle, ring armor, rear, stick out, set up, venture, mail, postal service, stakes, brand, transport, nominate, deport, contain, register, situation, stance, contribute, short letter, send, plaza, stomach, tin, moorage, pedestal, stigmatise, smear, back, lieu, base, shoes, support, function, erect, spatial relation, send out, invest, part, rate, topographic point, ring mail, state of affairs, space, power, localize, ring armour, assignment, transmit, mail service, smirch, trademark, domiciliate, wager, comport, appointment, enter, put forward, mooring, identify, attitude, mark, pip, notch, bit, get off, endure, bunk, stead, hazard, daub, dribble, expect, federal agency, bet on, post office, ship, slur, commit, grade, rank, emplacement, locating, tally, stock, pack, come in, aim, institutionalise, put-up, can, perspective, stockpile, chain armor.

Usage examples: