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Definition of poster:

  1. One who posts; a courier; a large printed bill for posting.


greenback, lineup, placard, bill sticker, advertorial, throwaway, carte, observance, bill of fare, observation, account, wit, circuit board, handbill, beak, sign, notice, board, billhook, vizor, billboard, show, wag, signboard, advert, neb, carte du jour, bill, banner, identity card, menu, peak, pecker, banner ad, note, card, advertisement, measure, posting, bank bill, billboard, mailing, sign, calling card, ad, flyer, bank note, eyeshade, flier, notification, banker's bill, scorecard, banknote, plug-in, add-in, post horse, visiting card, sheet, circuit card, batting order, invoice, government note, broadsheet, circular, bill poster, visor, bumper sticker, classified ad, broadside, nib.

Usage examples: