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Definition of posting:

  1. Travelling with speed; relating to an establishment where post- chaises and post- horses can be obtained on hire.


greenback, bill poster, eyeshade, menu, carte du jour, billhook, plug-in, pecker, bulletin, circular, card, advert, vizor, advertorial, invoice, add-in, beak, account name, post horse, nib, government note, circuit card, ad, throwaway, circuit board, blind certificate, baby, billboard, ABEND, banner ad, wag, bill sticker, calling card, account, visiting card, entry, flyer, neb, identity card, Bluetooth, banner, batting order, banknote, note, measure, advertisement, bill, desk job, bill of fare, dead-end job, banker's bill, lineup, anonymous FTP, chore, day job, busywork, Boolean, observation, consultancy, flier, communiqué, scorecard, words, poster, cover, notification, address, bank note, notice, observance, visor, broadside, mailing, placard, board, insertion, child labor, carte, classified ad, handbill, bumper sticker, peak, broadsheet, blogosphere, wit, release, bookmark, bank bill, access number.

Usage examples: