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Definition of postulate:

  1. Something to be assumed or taken for granted; in logic or phil., a proposition whose truth is assumed as a foundation for further reasoning; in geom., a self- evident problem.


grapple, affect, if, manage, charter, fence, fight, study at assume, presume, withdraw, repugn, given, demand, get, call for, lead, necessitate, take aim, lease, hold, engage, collect, bring, direct, debate, ask, assume, expect, appropriate, feign, drive, film, adopt, command, concept, consider, occupy, arrogate, make out, argue, use up, suppose, contract, enquire, involve, guide, predicate, vouch for, cope, pick out, quest, situate, support, contend, conduct, pack, usurp, make/prove your/a point, remove, choose, put on, regard, convey, presumption, fix, supposition, reckon, subscribe to, carry, certify, put forward, hypothesize, learn, claim, state, admit, take up, ingest, point to, contest, take on, accept, inquire, pick up, premise, have, acquire, get hold of, struggle, compete, look at, request, prove, bespeak, want, aim, confirm, study, fill, take in, hypothetical, presupposition, pretend, vie, rent, make, submit, shoot, read, contain, deposit, subscribe, get by, require, train, posit, presuppose, take, take away, ideal, assert, deal, select, hire, propose, guess, show, imply, make do, commitment, need, strike, exact, consume, validate, gather up, invite, theory.

Usage examples: