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Definition of posture:

  1. Place; situation; the disposition of a figure and its several parts with regard to the eye, as a human body or a statue; attitude; position; frame.
  2. To place and dispose in a particular way for a particular purpose.


mock up, present, enduringness, mystify, impersonate, spatial relation, stick, pattern, mould, placement, charge, sit around, office, position, seat, metier, outlook, spot, lastingness, intensity, puzzle, bearing, flummox, aim, get, human nature, specialty, story, nonplus, sentiment, baby carriage, behavior, strong suit, lay, put, spirit, carriage, presence, armorial bearing, stroller, schtick, personate, conduct, parade, post, military posture, simulate, locating, feeling, forte, beat, force, flaunt, berth, gravel, perplex, rig, speciality, deal, heading, demeanor, inclination, bewilder, coach, effectiveness, aspect, mental attitude, stupefy, situation, set, poise, footing, stead, crow, go-cart, ball game, durability, station, scene, perspective, long suit, comportment, sit, disposition, stance, condition, pushchair, equipage, strong point, military capability, attitude, persuasiveness, billet, show off, positioning, ride, location, sit down, potency, baby buggy, passenger car, lieu, strength, pusher, model, mien, place, deportment, military strength, balance, patronize, gloat, military position, vex, boast, be full of yourself, baby-sit, brag, preen, baffle, side, view, emplacement, dumbfound, status, forcefulness, heraldic bearing, pram, perambulator, amaze, mold, picture, pose, instinct, intensity level.

Usage examples: