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Definition of pouch:

  1. A small bag; a pocket; the bag or sack of an animal, as the cheek- pouch of a monkey, or the nursing- pouch of a kangaroo; in mil., a strong leather case, lined with tin divisions, in which a soldier keeps his ammunition; in bot., the short pod or silicle of some cruciferae.
  2. To put in a pocket or pouch; to save.


jut out, dismissal, sack, backpack, protuberate, jut, carrier bag, poke, bulge out, bulge, protrude, carryall, bug out, air hole, sacque, sacking, paper bag, carapace, capsule, release, bum bag, shift, scoop, bulk, bony, stick out, sackful, beetle, pocket, air pocket, dismission, convex, baggage, sac, anatomical, arm, antler, anatomy, theca, briefcase, discharge, accompanied baggage, cabin baggage, pop, hammock, body, liberation, project, chemise, come out, balloon, Midland, carpetbag, start, stand out, overhang, firing, pop out, blowhole, attache case.

Usage examples: