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Definition of pour:

  1. To let some liquid out of a bottle or vessel; to let or cause to flow, as water; to discharge in a continuous stream; to flow; to send forth; to move or rush tumultuously, as a stream or a crowd.


stream, move, well out, spout, land, lash down, channel, heap, storm, flood, throng, reach, effuse, go, run, splash, spurt, the heavens opened, troop, come down, pelt, burgeon forth, drizzle, shoot, spew, spud, pepper, deepen, swoosh, sprout, progress, dry, enter, well, snow, arrive, surge, empty, spill over, beat down, crest, pullulate, draw, walk on, roll, drench, rush, drain, spill, catch, burst, rain cats and dogs, hail, break, press, precipitate, carry on, appear, draw in, pour out, squirt, dash, discharge, swarm, cast up, come in, bourgeon, bombard, lavish, head, rain buckets, get, pass, teem, shower, forge ahead, decant, course, germinate, issue, rain, emit, get in, spill out, big.

Usage examples: