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Definition of pout:

  1. A fit of sullenness.
  2. A sea- fish of the cod kind; a young turkey; often applied to the young of other domestic fowls, and of the grouse kind.
  3. To stick or thrust out the lips in illhumour or in contempt.


lower, mope, face, wipe up, grizzle, hornpout, snit, stew, mow, sulkiness, mope, grouch, moue, pet, be sullen, hump, jut, cusk, mop, cover, mop up, mouth, happy, bug out, eelpout, pouts, sullenness, Ameiurus Melas, brood, dwell, bulk large, wry face, hover, mug, hatch, burbot, horned pout, incubate, sulk, furrow, ling, snoot, loom, cut down.

Usage examples: