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Definition of poverty:

  1. Want of sufficient means of subsistence; penury; defect or barrenness, as of words.


destitution, lacuna, anaemia, insufficiency, inadequacy, insolvency, starvation, lack, exigency, subsistence level, destituteness, deep water, impecuniosity, stint, destitution, leanness, difficulties, mendicancy, loss, bite, penury, failing, shortcoming, exiguity, poorness, mendicity, hunger, deficit, rich, inanition, deprivation, austerity, underage, gutter, pinch, crunch, scarcity, shortness, penury, debt, need, impecuniosity, neediness, shortcoming, pauperization, indigence, exigency, drought, deficiency, depletion, indigence, inadequateness, necessity, want, pauperisation, distress, privation, defect, meagreness, penuriousness, beggary, failure, panperism, stint, the poorhouse, want, excess, impoverishment, undersupply, dearth, impecuniousness, wealth, scantiness, prosperity, beggary, neediness, scarcity, absence, scantness, privation, pauperism, distress.

Usage examples: