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Definition of powder:

  1. Any substance made fine and dry, as rough as sand, or as fine as flour.
  2. To reduce to fine or small particles; to sprinkle with powder.


eyebrow pencil, compact, demolish, bray, cotton wool ball, pulverisation, pulverise, wax, eye shadow, cotton wool, besprinkle, stuff, pound, cleanse, atomize, pulverize, medium, comminute, face powder, cotton bud, powderize, substance, granulate, gunpowder, grind, handkerchief, crush, material, matter, blush, greasepaint, eyeliner, dust, triturate, beat, facial, cotton swab, help, agent, pulverization, strike, disintegrate, concentrate, bindi, blusher, mill, mull, sprinkle, face peel, exfoliate, solid, powderise, cotton, foundation.

  • particles (part of speech: noun)
  • powder (part of speech: verb)

Usage examples: