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Definition of powerful:

  1. Having great powers; mighty; intense; forcible; efficacious.


knock-down, clinical, compelling, hefty, healthy, herculean, heavy, highest, sizable, dynamic, flop, unchewable, bionic, Almighty, mighty, mesomorphic, paramount, rugged, combination, weak, full on the mouth/chin etc., cogent, influential, odoriferous, worthwhile, tendinous, overpowering, right, able-bodied, all-powerful, bloodless, respectable, significant, operative, great, hunky, sizeable, stiff, big, potent, the right way, affect, weighty, fibrous, laden, heavily, incompetent, regent, decently, redolent, broad-spectrum, muscular, invincible, aseptic, correctly, brawny, indomitable, fierce, stringy, antenatal, odorless, dynamical, omnipotent, ruling, right on, forcible, properly, tidy, practical, ruthless, prevailing, justly, superhuman, aright, mightily, dominant, clear, in good order, hardy, decent, antimalarial, coercive, regnant, preeminent, efficient, hard-hitting, severe, goodly, hard, antibacterial, puissant, athletic, odorous, heavy-duty, reigning, useful, sinewy, lightly, functional, strong, helpful, goodish, high, valuable, fiercely.

Usage examples: