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Definition of practical:

  1. Pert. to action or use; that may be done or acted; derived from practice or experience; that may be reduced to actual use; not theoretical.


serviceable, applicatory, unidealistic, working, sensible, sane, grounded, virtual, well-chosen, real, workable, applicative, with both feet on the ground, sound-thinking, skillful, real-world, knowledge, mulish, feasible, high-powered, unimaginative, earthy, apparent, efficient, good, unromantic, authentic, matter of fact, sound, solid, clear-headed, nuts-and-bolts, balanced, suited, transliterate, expert, realistic, pragmatic, hard-nosed, show, unsentimental, applicable, be, accomplished, excite, down-to-earth, true, genuine, interoperable, valuable, operable, objective, perfect, sober, practicable, physical, reasonable, logical, ultrapractical, capable, prosaic, operative, unromantic, hardheaded, rational, mature, ideal, functional, hard, useful, down-to-earth, able, implicit, worthwhile, applied, proper, tough-minded, experienced, apt, actionable, gifted, pragmatical, possible, kosher.

Usage examples: