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Definition of prank:

  1. A frolic or freak; a mischievous or merry trick done for sport rather than injury; a capricious action.
  2. To dress or decorate to ostentation.


illusion, capriole, pasquinade, dirty tricks, ruse, charade, burlesque, frivolousness, play, scheme, drollery, subterfuge, bagatelle, mockery, spoof, harlequinade, conjuring trick, funniness, parody, waggery, whoremonger, antic, work, john, magic, capriole, sendup, good, shavie, practical joke, magic trick, ploy, joke, dupery, takeoff, knavery, deception, frippery, shine, travesty, frivolity, clowning, comedy, jocularity, dido, buffoonery, conjuration, shenanigan, fraudulence, roguery, rag, jape, laugh, romp, caper, dodge, legerdemain, fast one, trick, whoremaster, fraud, put-on, monkeyshine, fluff, humbug, japery, lampoon, capriccio, job, thaumaturgy, lark, gag, jest, frolic, hoax, gambol.

Usage examples: