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Definition of prate:

  1. Excessive or idle talking; chatter; tattle.
  2. Idle talk.
  3. To talk much and to little purpose; to chatter; to babble.


patter, jabber, chaffer, sing, twaddle, babble out, chat, chin music, murmur, rap, prattle, rattle, sweet-talk, schmooze, piffle, gas, visit, blarney, clack, mutter, shoot the breeze, click, blabber, jaw, blather, let the cat out of the bag, blether, natter, confabulate, mumble, idle talk, tittle-tattle, gab, waffle, confab, inveigle, talk through your hat, blab out, babble, claver, chit-chat, spiel, maunder, gabble, clatter, chin, wheedle, coax, go on, peach, gibber, blurt out, twitter, converse, blab, chew the fat, cluck, kibitz, talk, cajole, tattle, yak, gossip, blurt, brattle, palaver, words, run off at the mouth, spill the beans, chatter, cackle, run on, chitchat, mussitate, claver.

Usage examples: