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Definition of prattle:

  1. To talk like a child, to chatter; to talk lightly.
  2. Trifling talk; the pleasant trivial conversation of young children.


jaw, conversation, blurt, maunder, clatter, wheedle, brattle, let the cat out of the bag, mumble, sing, tittle-tattle, go on, chatter, double Dutch, twaddle, gossip, confab, palaver, banter, idle talk, spill the beans, claver, blether, confabulate, coax, rattle, shoot the breeze, repartee, mutter, double-talk, babble out, talk through your hat, claver, small talk, schmooze, blarney, slobber, cackle, mumbo jumbo, chaffer, natter, run on, prate, piffle, cajole, clack, inveigle, cluck, peach, run off at the mouth, burble, nonsense, chit-chat, chew the fat, jabberwocky, sweet-talk, abracadabra, visit, chin music, blabber, blather, blurt out, spiel, mussitate, blab out, blab, waffle, tattle, drivel, heart-to-heart, click, yak, gibber, words, gas, murmur, gabble.

Usage examples: