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Definition of pray:

  1. See Pry.
  2. To entreat; to ask with earnestness; to supplicate; to address or petition the Supreme Being; to ask with reverence and humility.


amen, solicit, beg, baptism, baptize, tap, request, call down, aim, how, anthem, benediction, conjure, besiege, dream, hold out hope, hope, require, catechism, just, beg, kindly, impetrate, where has someone/something gotten to?, celebrate, pin your hopes/faith on, implore, what (has) happened to something, plead, invoke, demand, what has/will become of, do with, sue, bid, be betting on something, importune, call upon, beseech, religion, implore, what's gotten into someone?, live in hope, have something to live for, appeal, baptise, conjure, petition, entreat, crave, ask, the Book of Common Prayer, plead, supplicate, build castles in the air, anyway, keep.

Usage examples:

  • The Mahometans pray five times in twenty- four hours, viz.

    - "Narrative of a Voyage to India; of a Shipwreck on board the Lady Castlereagh; and a Description of New South Wales", W. B. Cramp.
  • I pray thee put it on again.

    - "A Boy's Ride", Gulielma Zollinger.
  • How could I pray?

    - "The Valley of Vision", Henry Van Dyke.