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Definition of prayer:

  1. An earnest and solemn address to God; the form of supplication used; the favour or blessing asked for; earnest entreaty.


supplication, orison, rogation, ceremony, petitioner, petition, benediction, anthem, appeal, supplicant, charm, litany, baptize, vision, future, expectation, consecrate, anoint, call down, adjuration, blessing, suppliant, collect, optimism, collection, circumcise, conjuration, celebrate, pious hope, devotions, suppliance, confession, circumcision, entreaty, baptise, hope, requester, the Book of Common Prayer, intercession, light at the end of the tunnel, ask, appealingness, cry, a ray of light/comfort, baptism, postulation, imploration, thanksgiving, praise, pleading, suit, contemplation, celebrant, ingathering, bless, law, catechism, amen, desire.

Usage examples: