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Definition of preach:

  1. To deliver an address or exhortation on the subject of religion from a pulpit in a church; to declare the Gospel message from a selected text of Scripture; to pronounce a discourse or sermon in public; to lecture or give advice to obtrusively, on religious or moral grounds.


bless, confession, vaticinate, persuade, sweeten up, reason with, teach, teach, counsel, sway, enjoin someone to do something, celebrant, recommend, religion, inform, would, anoint, advocate, consecrate, harangue, circumcise, address, moralize, urge, advise, blessing, discourse, evangelize, sermonize, win over, circumcision, moralize, guide, admonish, carry, ceremony, prophesy, get in with, target, contemplation, convert, woo, give someone a steer.

Usage examples: