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Definition of precarious:

  1. Depending on the will or pleasure of another; depending on unknown or unforeseen causes or events; uncertain; held by no certain tenure.


unsteady, not have a hope in hell, rickety, wonky, unworkable, insecure, weak, trembling, parlous, perilous, unpromising, wobbly, doubtful, tottery, damaging, unassured, injurious, perilous, mentally ill, touch-and-go, shivering, disadvantageous, hazardous, disastrous, on the rocks, unstable, unstable, uncompetitive, risky, harmful, hopeless, insecure, equivocal, dangerous, uneasy, tottering, uncertain, unsafe, ruinous, strong, unsettled, infirm, unsound, dubious, faltering, shaky, change.

Usage examples: