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Definition of precaution:

  1. Care or caution previously employed to prevent miscarriage, or to secure good.
  2. To warn or advise beforehand.


perplexity, discretion, foresight, charge, preventive, caution, caveat, circumspection, gingerliness, guardian, foresightedness, upkeep, guard duty, lifesaver, vigilance, palladium, care, chariness, safety device, carefulness, shield, tending, safe-conduct, forehandedness, careful, aid, fear, sentry duty, safeguard, champion, trouble, guard, forethought, premeditation, cautiousness, solicitude, fail-safe, guardian angel, attention, protector, anxiety, wariness, chariness, regard, tutelage, heed, management, direction, forethoughtfulness, watchfulness, calculation, protection, oversight, guardianship, safety, prudence, concern, defender, worry, sentry go, maintenance.

Usage examples: