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Definition of precedent:

  1. Going before in time; former; previous.
  2. That may serve as an example or rule to be followed in future actions of the like kind; that which has been done before of a like kind; an authority, or a judicial decision to be followed in similar or analogous cases.


reason, model, acquit, agent, precede, fountain, preceding, previous, origin, advance, obiter dictum, power, occasion, authority, anterior, warrant, instance, case law, appeal, acquittal, cause, causality, pattern, motive, example, case, past, bring in a verdict, prior, author, bar, class action, antecedent, foregoing, creator, designer, former, award, action, annul, exemplar, case in point, example, criterion, template, time, condition, common-law, pattern, earlier, the personification of something, spring, same, court, charge, source, committal, case, stereotype, citation, actor, causation, call for, court-martial, dissent, instance, archetype.

Usage examples: