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Definition of precipitate:

  1. A substance thrown down from its state of solution in a liquid to the bottom of a vessel, generally in a pulverised form.
  2. Headlong; flowing or falling with a steep descent; over- hasty; incautious; without due deliberation.
  3. To hurry or hasten on blindly or rashly; to urge or press on prematurely; to cause to separate or fall to the bottom, as a substance held in solution by a liquid.


speed, bring on, reckless, hasten, fast, hurried, invite, filtrate, lash down, precipitous, action, gadarene, dart, temerarious, abrupt, hurry, pass, harum-scarum, distillate, foolhardy, fall down, dioxin, flow, behave, adsorb, rash, incautious, drive-by, overhasty, headlong, charge, the carbon cycle, impetuous, helter-skelter, lessen, fall, go down, the heavens opened, cause, loose, rust, surprise, hasty, outpace, cursory, balanced equation, behavior, shine, diminish, careful, hotheaded, rain, scale, rushed, race, sharp, hail, come down, sudden, press, hang, assay, brash, impulsive, touch off, strike, light, settle, pour, be quick on your feet, inflict, sicken, fly, bond, crystal, unloose, calcify, decrease, accrue, boil down, drizzle, flying, come, devolve, gallop, ill-considered, precipitant, aerate, improvident, slapdash, descend, unconsidered, give rise to something, surge, snow, beat down, increase, return, madcap, reduce, pell-mell.

Usage examples: