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Definition of precise:

  1. Cut or trimmed into form; not loose, vague, or uncertain; definite; exact; accurate; correct; nice; scrupulous; formal; particular.


accurate, microscopic, perfect, good, precisely, express, set, so, Particular, exact, flat, evidently, detailed, systematic, concrete, categorical, Victorian, hairsplitting, dead, hairline, tiny, on the button, prissy, correct, unambiguous, clear, true, small, honest, circumstantial, on the nose, actually, old-maidish, round, clear-cut, punctilious, decided, veridical, veracious, skillful, organized, distinct, essentially, refined, pinpoint, meticulous, close, unequivocal, dead-on, genteel, clearly, positive, certainly, bluenosed, on-target, little, mathematical, comminuted, reliable, nice, finespun, faithful, unerring, especial, painstaking, right, surely, nice, plain, simply, stuffy, bang on, diminutive, spot-on, minute, literally, slender, honestly, errorless, real, very, well-defined, fine.

Usage examples: