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Definition of predicate:

  1. That which is affirmed or denied of the subject.
  2. To affirm one thing of another; to affirm.


pronounce, set forth, establish, conceive, judge, antecedent, express, proclaim, certify, verb phrase, affirm, collocate, glorify, propound, avow, underpin, draw a conclusion/an inference, declare, claim, clause, root, sum up, cleft sentence, base, infer, tell, extol, build, verb, protest, swear, accusative, adjunct, measure, connote, conceptualize, part of speech, state, ground, assert, verbal phrase, specify, appraise, exclaim, hit on, maintain, asseverate, inform, laud, predicative, assure, allophone, aver, allomorph, allege, found, article, word, hang, avouch, say, promulgate, depose, imply, come up with, case, over, rest, exalt, testify.

Usage examples: