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Definition of predict:

  1. To tell beforehand, as something that is to happen; to foretell; to forebode.


expect, squall, presage, call, previse, Foretell, cry, look to, betoken, portend, forestall, address, calculate, bespeak, omen, shout out, precognition, name, figure, foreshadow, presentiment, prefigure, sooth say, hollo, divine, prophesy, bode, foresight, forebode, assure, counter, anticipate, announce, prediction, read, prophecy, foresee, call in, portend, forecast, forewarn, auspicate, visit, foretell, yell, phone, shout, bid, promise, premonition, estimate, telephone, herald, augur, foreknow, annunciate, count on, project, foreshadow, scream, call off, point, forebode, ring, prognosticate, shadow forth, augur, holler, presage, call up, prognosticate, harbinger, indicate, signal, send for, look for, reckon, vaticinate, divine.

Usage examples: