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Definition of predominant:

  1. Having superior influence, strength, or authority; superior; prevailing; supreme in influence; ruling.


rife, principal, central, main, regnant, elementary, imperious, overpowering, incompetent, grand, paramount, efficacious, supervisory, current, overmastering, number one, basic, preponderant, primary, superlative, absolute, effective, mighty, prior, be everywhere, diffuse, prevailing, prepotent, weighty, frequent, dominating, dominant, overbearing, great, arch, widespread, official, prime, primal, cardinal, numero uno, arbitrary, capital, prolific, overabundant, reigning, greatest, key, overriding, submissive, potent, prevalent, almighty, omnipotent, transcendent, big, governing, specific, familiar, surpassing, plethoric, executive, preponderating, predominate, premier, numerous, preeminent, first, highest.

Usage examples: