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Definition of predominate:

  1. That which is prescribed or laid down as a guide for conduct or action; a governing direction for a specific purpose; an authoritative enactment; a regulation; a prescription; a precept; as, the rules of various societies; the rules governing a school; a rule of etiquette or propriety; the rules of cricket.


rife, matter, endure, paramount, bulk large, harness, obtain, predominant, signify, litter, dominate, rule, preponderating, abound, tower, persist, hover, dominant, decree, emphasize, figure, have the ascendancy, preponderate, hold, infest, prevailing, find, brood, reign supreme, go beyond, hulk, prevail, loom large, lie at the heart of something, overwhelm, break the ... barrier, overriding, govern, reign, count, top, prevalent, overlook, die hard, overtop, come before, over, rein, run, loom, preponderant.

Usage examples: