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Definition of prejudice:

  1. A previous inclination of mind, formed without regard to evidence; bias; prepossession; damage or injury.
  2. To bias or prepossess the mind; to injure or impair.


Warp, disadvantage, jaundiced eye, resentment, xenophobia, catch, harm, unfairness, stance, coolness, hurt, mischief, presumption, dislike, loss, one-sidedness, objection, favoritism, antipathy, injustice, prepossession, intolerance, slant, bias, chauvinism, segregation, jaundice, misandry, lead to, drawback, prepossession, wrong, twist, predilection, aversion, presumption, hurt, warp, prejudgment, prepossess, bias, damage, self-assessment, tendentiousness, detriment, injury, viewpoint, unfairness, bent, reputation, grip, preconceived opinion, stand, parochialism, bad opinion, preconception, favor, intolerance, tunnel vision, mark, like, contempt, partiality, homophobia, twist, littleness, attitude, narrow-mindedness, partisanship, sexism, narrow-mindedness, injure, presupposition, illiberality, stain, hatred, bigotry, racialism, preconception, mar, partiality, damage, diagonal, evil, nonobjectivity, disadvantage, anti-Semitism, give, infatuation, detriment, feeling, blemish, preconceived idea, outrage, ply, view, one-sidedness, antagonism, pack a punch, straight, impairment, take its toll, bigotry, racism, leaning, parti pris, partiality, predilection, discrimination, apartheid, partiality, injury, color, bigotry, ageism, harm, opinion, disfigure, impression, bias, stir, decide, misogyny, enmity, inclination, preconceived notion, small-mindedness, spite, partisanship, blinders, male chauvinism, spoil, loss, narrowness, skew, preconception.

Usage examples: