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Definition of prejudiced:

  1. Biassed; prepossessed by opinions formed without due examination.


intolerant of, human rights, canting, anti-Semite, preconceived, directed against, blind, having a predilection, doctrinaire, anti-semitic, disliking, illiberal, smug, predisposed, extreme, insular, discriminatory, judging on slight knowledge, prejudicial, inclusion, discriminative, bigoted, like, narrow, discrimination, pedantic, subjective, squint-eyed, opinionated, wedded to an opinion, straight, intransigent, conditioned, preferential, equal opportunity, xenophobic, closed against, loaded, racist, presupposing, inclined, leaning, jaundiced, not, antiblack, intolerant, tendentious, prepossessed, positive discrimination, hidebound, parochial, small-minded, equality, prepossessed, sexist, narrow-minded, invidious, homophobic, free speech, provincial, dogmatic, basic, parti pris, equal.

Usage examples: