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Definition of preliminary:

  1. That precedes the main discourse or business; introductory; preparatory.
  2. That which precedes the main discourse or business; something preparatory; introduction.


prelusive, front, barely, inductive, unperfected, preliminary examination, feeler, prior, approach, plot, strategy, card, anterior, advance, agreement, prefatory, primary, sketchy, rough, prelim, since, blueprint, arrangements, earlier, words, plan, prelude, crown, preparation, antecedent, precedent, tentative, prefatory, tactic, challenge, close season, clash, championship, planning, prolegomenous, forward, before, start, explorative, preliminary exam, the Commonwealth Games, preparative, overture, foregoing, former, contest, previous, bye, conspiracy, unpolished, unfinished, preceding, exploratory, Cup, by the time.

Usage examples: