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Definition of prelude:

  1. A short musical flourish or voluntary played before the commencement of the piece to be performed; the overture; something introductory; something which indicates a future event.
  2. To precede; to introduce a piece of music with a voluntary movement; to serve as an introduction to.


breakbeat, chorus, coda, proem, counterpoint, voluntary, andante, buildup, prolegomenon, concerto, flourish, arpeggio, cantata, warm-up, intro, overture, music, adagio, allegro, arrangement, bass, lead-in, feeler, descant, cadence, accompaniment, chant, curtain-raiser, advance, approach, excerpt, exordium, words, induction, precondition, air, preliminary, crescendo, prelim, foreword, prolusion.

Usage examples: