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Definition of premier:

  1. First; chief.
  2. In Eng., the first or chief Minister of State; the Prime Minister; premiership, the office of Prime Minister.


pioneer, number one, central, cabinet minister, highest, first, dominant, post-mortem, post-mortem examination, promethium, chief minister, Chequers, prime minister, original, foremost, overmastering, necropsy, capital, main, assemblywoman, supreme, inaugural, prime, numero uno, maiden, Downing Street, prior, primary, preeminent, overbearing, atomic number 61, key, initial, top, principal, big, supereminent, grand, postmortem, greatest, presiding, No. 10, Chancellor of the Exchequer, cardinal, great, alderman, overriding, leadoff, primal, important, earliest, the Taoiseach, high, headmost, phase modulation, virgin, arch, chancellor, agent, premiere, major, commanding, Number 10, predominant, autopsy, Pm, leading, chief executive, the Lodge, paramount, lead, premiership, assemblyman, basic, elementary, postmortem examination, alderwoman.

Usage examples: