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Definition of premium:

  1. A reward or recompense; a prize offered for some specific thing; value above the original cost or price, as of shares or stock; the sum paid to an office for insurance, as against fire, or to indemnify for losses of any kind; anything offered or given as an incentive.


actuary, assurance, customer care, bull, exchange premium, benefit, high, subsidy, bear, honorarium, tribute, pension, excellent, aftermarket, bid price, bounty, sumptuous, agio, buyer's market, high-ticket, all-inclusive, credit rating, payment, accolade, churn rate, settlement, bid, insurance premium, subvention, all-in, ultraexpensive, chargeable, award, direct marketing, aid, adjuster, support, contributory, advance, inclusive, discounted, selected, bearish, high-class, pricey, big-ticket, valuable, broker-dealer, extra, grant, bullish, bull market, precious, agiotage, basic, bonus, call, luxurious, spendy, plum, exclusive, collision damage waiver, prize, gift, amplitude, carrier, bondholder, cold call, payback, bounteousness, deposit, select, actuarial, allowance, cross-selling, superior, high-end, good, guerdon, bear market, fancy, reward, half-price, gratuity, detail, indemnity, broker, contribution, remittance, comprehensive, bountifulness, down payment.

Usage examples: