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Definition of preparation:

  1. The act or operation of preparing; state of being ready; the thing prepared; part of an animal body, usually a diseased part, prepared and preserved for observation and instruction.


agreement, cure, eagerness, capacity, zeal, maturing, expression, anticipation, arrangements, founding, culinary, nostrum, rehearsal, preparedness, fitness, readiness, planning, chef, suitability, Betty Crocker, gestation, cookery, preparing, prep, homework, panacea, formation, drug, establishment, provision, conceptualisation, maturity, cooking, medication, medicament, dressing, furnishing, forwardness, blueprint, set, evolution, pharmaceuticals, cordon bleu, cook, proviso, tactic, readying, grooming, fitting, foodie, facility, planned, supplying, supply, training, groundwork, breeding, manufacture, strategy, plot, compound, education, physic, conspiracy, conceptualization, plan, qualification, cuisine, prepared, cure-all, formulation, product, background, medicine, mixture, building, adaptation.

Usage examples: