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Definition of prepare:

  1. A number of things of the same kind, ordinarily used or classed together; a collection of articles which naturally complement each other, and usually go together; an assortment; a suit; as, a set of chairs, of china, of surgical or mathematical instruments, of books, etc.
  2. Preparation.


get, furbish up, civilise, do, assemble, build up, lift, stool, elaborate, draw, doctor, wee, fancy up, deposit, posit, localise, coordinate, stimulate, gain, desex, arise, go down, contrive, pitch, clear, fudge, lay by, constitute, block out, arrive at, rear, condition, lay out, organize, work out, install, hold, urinate, lay in, raise, desexualise, foresee, hit, pose, take in, spring up, rig, evolve, ensnare, get-up, modernize, rise, progress to, launch, piss, forge, put, uprise, cram, entrap, fasten, defecate, touch on, take, work up, school, restore, turn out, tog out, coiffe, throw, induce, ca-ca, coiffure, deck up, adapt, grow, earn, attain, effect, invent, brew, educate, unionize, overdress, relieve oneself, localize, shit, limit, aim, mend, train, realise, bone up, desexualize, mastermind, break, manipulate, take a crap, pee-pee, pee, piece, ready, man, planned, drum, nominate, pay back, fix, mug up, fig out, pass water, rail, acquire, fig up, fructify, jell, puddle, pay off, gear up, define, seduce, realize, specify, reach, pull in, bone, make believe, produce, set, conspire, make water, crap, take a shit, neaten, wee-wee, make up, take aim, groom, rig out, wangle, unionise, work, direct, erect, tog up, trick up, recrudesce, stand up, qualify, check, put together, sic, go under, situate, excogitate, build, prink, trail, misrepresent, modernise, mark, bring in, secure, conjure, make grow, trick out, arm, cut out, devise, cause, get ready, put in, instal, micturate, machinate, elevate, deck out, serve, falsify, set up, attire, cook, take a leak, tack, swot up, make, coach, dress up, concoct, countersink, get to, piddle, tack together, lay, found, organise, complot, coif, anticipate, fixate, discipline, typeset, fit out, unsex, put up, fake, spend a penny, effectuate, perfect, swot, explicate, lay down, name, correct, bushel, appoint, bring up, sterilise, sterilize, engineer, provide, congeal, prepared, repair, provide for, position, cultivate, grind away, cabal, pretend, civilize, have, plant, give, gussy up, determine.

Usage examples: