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Definition of presage:

  1. Something that foreshows or points out a future event; a presentiment; a foreboding.
  2. To forebode; to indicate by some present fact what may follow; to prophesy; to utter a prediction.


Predict, prefiguring, prophesy, anticipate, auspicate, estimate, foreshadowing, proclaim, reckon, bode, announce, prognostication, foresight, denote, prefigurement, forerunner, count on, represent, bespeak, divine, calculate, mean, call, identify, prediction, point, figure, augur, prophecy, prefigure, stand for, vaticination, forebode, omen, predict, prognostic, annunciate, forecasting, prognosticate, betray, portent, auspice, prodigy, signal, indicate, warn, portend, forecast, symbolize, signify, foretelling, foreboding, betoken, promise, foreshadow, boding, presentiment, foretell.

Usage examples: