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Definition of presence:

  1. The state of being present; approach face to face; the opposite to absence; the situation within sight or call; neighbourhood, without the intervention of anything that forbids intercourse; state of being in the view of a superior; air; mien; demeanour.


allure, lure, forepart, garb, availability, social movement, present, glamor, glitz, force, armorial bearing, profession, haunt, strawman, ghostly, detail, in the flesh, sight, magnetism, behavior, labor force, dryad, occupation, regard, figurehead, ubiquity, people, guard, outside, bearing, front line, flying squad, on the spot, neighborhood, appeal, appearance, nominal head, devil, the CID, demeanor, aspect, front man, forensics, workforce, closeness, Interpol, personnel, propinquity, attendance, charm, be, labor market, front end, dress, front, highway patrol, drug squad, posture, look, company, aim, charisma, heading, staff, guardian angel, style, here, doppelganger, figure, manpower, manner, proximity, address, air, movement, mien, good looks, daemon, charge, character, carriage, payroll, straw man, labor, port, constabulary, heraldic bearing, bodily, ghost, genie, nearness, comportment, battlefront.

Usage examples: