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Definition of presentation:

  1. Act of presenting; exhibition; right or act of presenting, as to a benefice or school.
  2. Presented, as a copy of a book by the author in testimony of respect or esteem.


dedication, entry, remembrance, first appearance, coloration, video display, argyle, command performance, act, present, giveaway, comp, display, commencement, performance, fairing, convocation, coming-out, bestowment, address, hold up, arabesque, yield up, conferral, sermon, instauration, draw, induction, grant, presentment, chronology, conference, debut, delivery, bestowal, allocation, accordance, allotment, trot out, produce, release, demo, institution, wheel out, handsel, vote of thanks, donative, notification, ceremony, initiation, launching, check, freebie, innovation, monstrance, monologue, supply, insertion, the Pledge of Allegiance, founding, graduation, gift, give, introduction, issue, offering, speech, array, public speaking, donation, intromission, lagniappe, knowledge, configuration, giving, curtain raiser, booking, talk, articulation, commemoration, communicator, arrangement, provision, creation, origination, unveiling, demonstration, conferment, ceremonial, largesse, handover, double feature, portrayal, distribution, column, intro, foundation, double bill.

Usage examples: