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Definition of preservation:

  1. The act of preserving or keeping safe.


adsorb, behave, stand, security, continuation, husbandry, maintenance, carbon trading, conservation, carbon-neutral, care and feeding, attack, protection, aerate, sustentation, survival, shield, canning, saving, the carbon cycle, permanence, stability, as is, protection, constancy, biodegradable, pickling, protector, condition, assay, calcify, catalytic converter, clean, continuity, biological control, shape, composition, bond, ward, deliverance, constitution, behavior, guard, keeping, consistency, upkeep, delivery, sugaring, tanning, carbon sink, economy, conservancy, preserving, clean up, conserving, state, keep, defense, safety, rescue, balanced equation, action, curing, storage, safeguard, management, eternity, longevity, evaporation, biohazard.

Usage examples: